Life Without A Fork was founded by Vanessa Williams in 2009 initially as a documentary film project to bring awareness to the rare, potentially fatal condition from which she was diagnosed in 2006, idiopathic angioedema. Since then, her efforts have grown to her becoming, inarguably, the world’s leading advocate for Recurring Idiopathic Angioedema (RIA) and creating the Idiopathic Angioedema Global Advocacy Group. Executive Producer of the feature length film which started this movement, Life Without A Fork also does ongoing research and outreach for Bradykinin Mediated Angioedema (BMA), Mast Cell Activation Disorders (MCAD), idiopathic anaphylaxis (IA), urticaria (hives), mental health diseases–“Dis-ease of the mind causes disease in the body,” her mom, Katie Tucker often told her–as well as other, seemingly overlapping conditions.We hope you get the answers to your many questions about idiopathic angioedema–particularly those of which, ‘you do not know, you do not know’ as they are often the toughest to ask, yes? and gain the support of a global community of fellow-sufferers who understands the many extremities of your ongoing, ever challenging, and far too frequently changing circumstances.May our outreach efforts, Idiopathic Angioedema Global Advocacy Group, feature length film, Life Without A Fork, documentary, {see trailer with the film’s stars, Vanessa Williams and Leading Angioedema Specialist, Dr. Marc Riedl of US HAEA Angioedema Center–UCSD}, and abundance of many other resources–yes, we’ve been doing this long time, help be your roadmaps in finding guidance as to why, how, and where to seek the best and most current in qualitative medical treatments the world over as well as help find the reassurances you may need in knowing that, although absolutely, ofttimes relentlessly, bizzaro and potentially fatal, with proper care, these conditions can be manageable and usually survivable.Help get the word out! We need A-list celebrities and media attention around this cause and like, yesterday–Oprah, come find us! Tell everyone you know what, Life Without A Fork is doing to raise awareness around angioedema and save lives! Tell us who and what you know! Donate whatever you can! Let us know how you feel you may best assist!The Life Without A Fork Team:Top to bottom/right to left:| Vanessa Williams | Founder and CEO | Leading Angioedema Global Advocate | Producer | Master of Arts | Educational Theory

| Vanessa Williams | Founder and CEO | Leading Global Advocate | Producer |

| Marcus Anderson | Director | Fine Arts Artist | Humanities |

| Kelly Hilaire | Director | Sports Marketing & Management |

| Katya Williams | President | Director | YouTube Personality | Actress |

| Chill Will | Director | Professional Music Entertainer | #TheGetFreshCrew |


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