Angioedema Funding Connect

Angioedema Funding Connect!

Welcome to, Life Without A Fork’s, funding initiative for families working to survive, “The Swell Life!”This connect point has been set up so that angioedema sufferers who are seeking financial assistance may have a communal place to share with the world the unique challenges many of us face when it comes to living with such a debilitating condition while still trying to maintain shelter, pay bills, buy food, and afford medications.We ask that you please choose a cause, or three…smiles…and do what you can to help. You should know, the stories shared here are much more of an overview than the actual depth of struggle and trauma in which these people live! You’d be absolutely rattled if we gave you the full Monte and believe you me, it’s a heart-wrenching thing to witness.Thanks so much, in advance!~

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