IAE Dream Dolls

Help make someone’s dreams come true 2017 and beyond with Life Without A Fork’s Precious Collectible Dolls! Absolutely adorable and great feel-good companions for the heart!

On 18 December, Global Angioedema Advocate, Vanessa Williams, met with and gifted the Life Without A Fork Collectible Doll, Kelsey, to beautiful 18-year-old #hereditaryangioedema #survivor, Victoria Inamagua, in #Hollywood, California!

Per #VanessaWilliams recommendation, Victoria had successfully travelled from Mineappolis, MN to San Diego, CA to see leading angioedema specialist, #DrMarcRiedl. It was a great visit overall for Victoria and it took a lot, financially and physically, for her to make both trips, to see Dr. Riedl and to have the opportunity to meet with Vanessa Williams in Hollywood who later received this text from her mom, Nina Riechard, “It was so great to see you! And thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!!! You are officially another mom for Vikki! We will definitely be keeping in touch…”

12.18.16 | Beautiful Kelsey, a Life Without A Fork Collectible Doll has lovingly been gifted to hereditary angioedema survivor, Victoria Inamagua! | Happy holidays, Vikki, from Vanessa Williams and The Life Without A Fork Advocacy Group!

Your support is vital in enabling us to continue our advocacy efforts! By donating $250 or more you will receive one of our beautiful antique treasures to keep for your personal enjoyment or you may also gift your doll to a charity or child of your choosing who may be living with angioedema, mast cell activation disorders, urticaria, anaphylaxis, Chrohn’s and any other chronic invisible disability.


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