“It is the responsibility of the artist to, not only create a work worthy of international acclaim, it is their duty to share such works with the world.” Vanessa Williams


After many positive reviews and requests following our first release of the film in July 2016, this 7-11 September 2017,that’s right, you’ve got five days from which to choose and up to 48-hours of viewing time, Film You! Productions, in association with Cali Girl Entertainment, are doing a second screening of, “Life Without A Fork,” documentary feature!


Imagine living life where you couldn’t eat 98% of the world’s foods! Or, having to hide often because you looked, um, weird because, one moment, you’re looking and feeling, “normal,” but suddenly, and for what appears to be no reason at all, you find yourself unable to breath, swelling and becoming distorted in the features–that would be straight out of a movie, yes?! And, yes, that would be the, “Life Without A Fork,” movie! Told from the point of view of survivors with varying forms of angioedema, and from all over the globe, and inclusive of emotional support from some heavy hitting celebrities, we bring to you this film so that it may be used as a tool for learning to survive idiopathic angioedema, provide a sense of comfort in knowing that, as in the case with 81-year-old co-star, Jackie griffith, one can live a long time while living with an affliction that seems to threaten one’s life almost daily and, far too often, multiple times throughout any one given day.


There are some people who are  going to join us on this documented journey through Swellville  because they can relate–they have angioedema, mast cell activation disorders, hives and anaphylaxis, just like much of the cast in our film! Emmy Award winning producer and co-star, Deb Whitcas, does well in articulating how scary things became for her due to an over-exposure to peanut butter (seriously, cool woman and the best story–Deb is high energy, she’s Hollywood!) ;)) Many others will watch along because they have family members, friends and other loved ones who are living with the above-mentioned chronic conditions and want to know what others are doing to live with and manage these situations, as well. And, finally, others spectators will find these disorders the fascinating, bizarro rare, unpredictable, genetically modifying and expanding (genetic tie-ins being a huge proponent of what our advocacy’s research is pursuing) that they are and more!


Starring the film’s creator, writer, producer and global advocate for the rare conditions, idiopathic angioedema, and mast cell activation disorders, Vanessa Williams, along with leading angioedema specialist and head researcher of US HAEA Center at UCSD, San Diego, Dr. Marc Riedl, life without a fork is the first ever feature length film of it’s kind.


This online screening for the film, prior to its red carpet release, will be hosted on  Thursday, 7 September – Monday, 11 September 2017 from 10:00 AM PDT!.


The first 20 purchasers will also be included in the initial formal invitation process for the Life Without A Fork Documentary’s red carpet event.


Email registration (this will automatically be done via, Eventbrite), as well as consent for nondisclosure–see below–required to obtain link to film to be sent up to two days prior to the day of the big affair! We’ve got some festivals we will be attending during this time and some of the entry rules are strict around screenings.


IMPORTANT REMINDER: Upon ticket purchase, you are agreeing to the nondisclosure terms for viewing the film.


You will be allowed to watch the movie wherever and with whomever you like and we absolutely encourage you to hold your own viewing parties!!! Great opportunity for individual fundraising for your personal living and health needs! Schools, churches, hospitals, pubs, or from the comforts of your sofa or bed–all dolled up or PJ’s, large groups or alone  (May be a bit of a tear-jerker with some shocking scenes so there is that to consider when thinking about this last option),  we hope you’ll enjoy, identify with and possibly learn from all the hard work that has gone into this project and bringing awareness to the rare, potentially fatal conditions of recurring idiopathic angioedema, Bradykinin mediated angioedema, anaphylaxis, urticaria and mast cell activation disorders.




Thanks to all who are interested in this life changing project. We appreciate you!




FilmYou! Productions in Association with Cali Girl Entertainment.



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