Hey everybody, it’s #MakeWellMondays and today we’d like to, once again, dedicate our #LifeWithoutAFork #FaceBookPage to a #survivor to champion most all survivors, the beautiful, #AllieBarnett!
About a week ago, leading angioedema advocate, #VanessaWilliams, had the pleasure of speaking with Allie on the phone. After a very lovingly and sisterly two-hour conversation between #fellowswellers, Vanessa was able to get a better picture on just how much in crisis our #mastocytocis and #idiopathicangioedema friend is and we welcome you to join in with sending continued love and light Allie’s way today and everyday! It really does take a village and we know that if we can get #thecollective to send positive thoughts, prayers and desires for healing, Allie stands a much better chance in finding some true value-added in her health and overall life and we thank you, beyond measure, for your care!
And, of course, we certainly want to know how you all are doing, now, in real time! Let us know you are still here and what’s great or even not so great in your respective worlds!
We love you and, knowing that each and everyone one of you are golden links to the chain of our past, current and future good and successes, we ask that you continue to spread the word about the amazing work we are doing here at Life Without A Fork!!! Wishes to all for the healthiest in mind, body, spirit, life, prosperity and love!
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