“A very special “Thankful Thursdays” y todos los dias! to those of you who continue to show up in support of Life Without A Fork Idiopathic Angioedema Global Advocacy Groups’ efforts to bring awareness through outreach and film for the fatal orphan’s diseases of  #‎IdiopathicAngioedema, all other forms of angioedema (bradykinin-mediatedhereditary),  ‪#‎MastCellActivationSyndrome‬, urticaria, and anaphylaxis.

Omg, how absolutely exciting is the life of film making, the ability to share really good information through creative story?! I love, love, love what I do, my new projects, my new life!

Super grateful for the turnout of our second round of screenings for, “Life Without A Fork,” documentary as well as all the positive feedback through email and social media. We have just sent out a new survey and ask that everyone take a moment to formally share your thoughts on this so very close to the heart film project.

I have worked on this film for nine years–re-edited it to the point of making three different films, and am more than ready to share my hard work and passion with the world.

Many thanks, again, to those who have hugely supported for many years, and who continue to help elevate my vision in real time:

Thank you, Alexandra and Guy Santiago–words cannot express and I know you guys know what I mean. “Like Whoa!”

Thank you, Patricia Brown–beyond appreciate having you as a sister and best friend!

Thank you, Jean Elm, expecting to be able to manage some of those items for which you have held up for me super soon–appreciate your love and friendship beyond measure!

Thank you, Kelly Hilaire–one of the few remaining ‘true-blues’ in my life!

Thank you, Marcus Anderson–your talents, art, and all that you share are absolutely priceless!

Thank you, Anna Littles–for friggin’ being so awesome all the friggin’ time!

Thank you, Brigitte–you are a rare, almost hidden, jewel and I’m grateful to be able to see the greatness that is you!

And, thank you to so, so many more of you! I see you and I appreciate each and everyone of you for being part of some major!


#ExecutiveProducer | #WorldRenownedAngioedemaAdvocate

Making history as we work to find cause and cure for #IdiopathicAngioedema. #MayYourSwellsForeverBeMinimalAtMost

“Co-creators of the universe and futurists in their unique and respective visions, Vanessa Williams and Katya Williams are, “compelled to help grow the collective’s ability to self-develop mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, to completely transform as human beings, and initiate what’s new in the now!”


We appreciate you beyond measure and, knowing that each and everyone one of you are golden links to the chain of our past, current and future good and successes, we ask that you continue to spread the word about the amazing work we are doing here at Life Without A Fork!!! Wishes to all for the healthiest in mind, body, spirit, life, prosperity and love!”

Source: #ThankfulThursdays!