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Omg, it’s that awesome time of year again! You know, when we get to meet and support one another in real time?! Real life?!  😉

Super ecstatic about, and looking forward to seeing all you guys at, “Life Without A Fork’s Fourth Annual Health & Swellness Expo!” This year we will be hosting it in beautiful Houston, Tx!

Our lively-ing events are hosted to support all of those surviving Angioedema and thank you for sharing in our advocacy efforts for ‪#‎AngioedemaCure‬. Donations can be made through our website’s Gofundme links: http://www.lifewithoutafork.com!

You all rock out like nobody’s business and I look forward to meeting you, in person, really soon!

Event Description:

Tickets = Per Attendee: $22.97

Important reminder: 

**Please remember to bring your emergency meds and ‪#‎MayYourSwellsForeverBeMinimalAtMost❤️

As global advocates, Life Without A Fork and Cali Girl Entertainment design and schedule our events for a particular demographic–one that is largely challenged with the debilitating conditions of idiopathic angioedema and mast cell activation disorders. Flexibility and true consideration for well being, in addition to time zone differentiations, are required when implementing many of our initiatives. In as such, we would like to extend a warm welcome our community of swellers, supporters, and fans, alike, to the #SwellnessExpo2017!

Note: Dates and times subject to change. Additionally, Life Without A Fork, nor any of its affiliates, are liable for any miscellaneous mishaps regarding travel, merchandise transactions, technical or network issues, or any other exchange regarding the Life Without A Fork Swellness Expo.

~The Life Without A Fork Idiopathic Angioedema Global Advocacy Group


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In 2006, I was diagnosed with the rare and potentially fatal condition known as Idiopathic Angioedema, a histamine mediated condition that causes swelling and similar symptoms that can be brought on by little to no reason. Angioedema’s Idiopathic form is different from other forms of Angioedema in that it is not known to be of a hereditary accumulated and any specific genetic tie-ins and causes are generally unknown. A few years following my initial diagnoses I began to put intentional efforts towards advocating for cause and cure for both myself and all others that have been diagnosed with this detrimental condition. For the last eight years I have personally and with very little help, funded our advocacy efforts–in every spectrum, grown and withheld an international community base, spoken at health expos, in local schools and more about this condition, as well as written, filmed, edited, and produced a documentary film known as Life Without A Fork, telling the story of Angioedema. I have even lost my sister and many others from the condition and very recently discovered that, in addition to my nephew who was diagnosed before me, I have a brother, two sisters and an aunt who have all experienced both acute and chronic cases of idiopathic angioedema. In 2014 I coined the phrase, #The80Percent as a means of distinguishing our number and the need for right attention for the largest group of people living with this rare condition, the idiopathics! Our efforts to raise awareness round Idiopathic Angioedema and save lives, are in need of assistance! Supporting this entire advocacy all on my own is no longer an option as I am now disabled. With our 501(c)(3) non- profit organization being newly established, I appreciate any relating assistance that you may be able to provide, even sharing our efforts with your friends and family. Having started in 2009, advocating for this cause and producing a feature film has been a journey and then some! I am ill with the condition, #IdiopathicAngioedema, so it remains extremely challenging for me to forge on with taking this project to the finish line. I have been offered help, countless times and sometimes, it really gets me down when the follow-through doesn’t actually come. Oft times, it gets me to the point that I just want to say, with all the pleasantries I can muster, “no, thank you.” Doors opening and closing as quickly as the turn-style types to be found in mid-town Manhattan’s office buildings, I continue to persevere as I have finally completed, Life Without A Fork, documentary film! This project, while certain to impact audiences around the globe with its rich, vivid, and most certainly, shocking images, along with its bigger than life storylines, will also serve as advocacy to help save lives, yes, mine included, thank you very much! :), by getting some, ‘right attention,’ around #ChronicAngioedema. Absolutely a project that is near and dear to my heart, I work hard to find cause and cure for this potentially life-threatening disease. For my reward, God has not only been steadfast in his willingness to help me make this happen, he continues to remind me that, as per the great words shared by my mom, the late, Katie Tucker, “Every man is a golden link in the chain of my good.” And, although I may be flying without a net, it is through the endless source of support I receive from others, like you who are His angels and are amongst my family, friends, fellow-sufferers, fans, celebrity associates, and overall well-wishers, I fly forever on God’s wings.

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