IAE Swellness Expo


Omg, it’s that awesome time of year again! You know, when we get to meet and support one another in real time?! Real life?!  😉

Super ecstatic about, and looking forward to seeing all you guys at, “Life Without A Fork’s Fourth Annual Health & Swellness Expo!” This year we will be hosting it in beautiful Houston, Tx!

Our lively-ing events are hosted to support all of those surviving Angioedema and thank you for sharing in our advocacy efforts for ‪#‎AngioedemaCure‬. Donations can be made through our website’s Gofundme links: http://www.lifewithoutafork.com!

You all rock out like nobody’s business and I look forward to meeting you, in person, really soon!

Event Description:

Tickets = Per Attendee: $22.97

Important reminder: 

**Please remember to bring your emergency meds and ‪#‎MayYourSwellsForeverBeMinimalAtMost❤️

As global advocates, Life Without A Fork and Cali Girl Entertainment design and schedule our events for a particular demographic–one that is largely challenged with the debilitating conditions of idiopathic angioedema and mast cell activation disorders. Flexibility and true consideration for well being, in addition to time zone differentiations, are required when implementing many of our initiatives. In as such, we would like to extend a warm welcome our community of swellers, supporters, and fans, alike, to the #SwellnessExpo2017!

Note: Dates and times subject to change. Additionally, Life Without A Fork, nor any of its affiliates, are liable for any miscellaneous mishaps regarding travel, merchandise transactions, technical or network issues, or any other exchange regarding the Life Without A Fork Swellness Expo.

~The Life Without A Fork Idiopathic Angioedema Global Advocacy Group


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