“The Life Without A Fork Idiopathic Angioedema Global Advocacy Group wishes you all a very happy, healthful and wealthful holiday season!

Alas, it’s #MakeWellMondays guys!!! Because many of us #swellies are, most unfortunately, far too familiar with isolation and loneliness, and all of the fears and stressors that may come with them, we like to do a regular check-in with everyone in the hopes all are still here to tell our respective tales!

At Life Without A Fork, we know just how challenging life can get when living with the debilitating conditions of angioedema, urticaria, anaphylaxis and mast cell activation disorders and how much more serious things are when we are left without help to get and, often, take our medications, make it to the market to shop for our specialty foods, and, just as major, have someone available to talk to about all the bizarro things that are happening to our bodies and minds — and in real time!

So, #fellowswellers, having had many such challenges of our own over here, we know it’s time for a major check-in with us. We are reaching out around the globe and want each of you to let us know that you are here–yes!!! ;), how you are doing and possibly even share some of your recent success stories and/or heartbreaks with us!

It really does take a village to make one another well and we are so happy that you all are part of ours!

May you live forever, #swellfree, continue to feel “gooder and gooder,” get better and better, and become greater and greater!”

~The Life Without A Fork Idiopathic Angioedema Global Advocacy Group

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