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“Life Without A Fork,” is a groundbreaking, medical-documentary feature about the rare, potentially fatal condition, #idiopathicangioedema, as well as all forms of the condition angioedema, urticaria, anaphylaxis and mast cell activation disorders.

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  • Enjoy getting to know your family and yourself
  • Find activities-that you can enjoy, some that will keep you relaxed and some that will keep you moving
  • Create an in-home gym
  • Listen to classical music
  • Download and play games on apps that you can do with family and friends and even remotely. Some great ones to try; 1) Heads Up!; 2) Words with Friends; 3) Connect Four; 4) Psych! and more 
  • Learn New Languages! Best free app we know of is Duolingo
  • Try meditating | Headspace App is a great tool for beginners | Vipassana Meditation is great for advanced
  • Listen to the *Solfeggio frequencies* (Can research benefits and find *pure tones* on YouTube)
  • FaceTime/video chat with family, friends and business associates
  • Join groups that share your interests or concerns on social media. If you are shy or have difficulties with communicating with other people at times, you can just read the comments to help keep you connected to the outside world
  • Tap into your artistic abilities! Start.a new art project, pen (or type) your novel, start a new fashion line, color outside the lines!


  • Stay inside!!! 
  • Practice social distancing between family members, even if no one is sick
  • Love your pets by giving them some space, less touch, no kisses
  • Minimize, and if possible, completely avoid going to the market. Have as many food items that fits your diet and is shippable, shipped to your home
  • If you live in an apartment building, avoid using central air or heating
  • Separate your toothbrushes from other members in household and avoid sharing toothpaste
  • Change/wash all air conditioning/purifying filters
  • Order groceries, water and all other essentials that you can find, online



  • Look through your pantries and cabinets for ingredients to help maintain and build your immune system
  • Gargle daily with apple cider vinegar (be sure to brush to avoid sensitivities to your teeth)
  • Take physician-approved vitamin supplements like C, D, B-12, magnesium, etc. (if aloe is a safe product for you, always take with supplements to help maximize absorption)
  • Coconut everything! Water, oil, old— with solid white meat, young—with jelly
  • Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!
  • Buy these three things!!!! 1) Grapefruit Seed Extract; 2) Oregano Oil; 3) Black Seed Oil


  • Wash hands (20+ seconds) before and after cooking, going to bathroom, touching face, blowing nose, etc.
  • Watch what you touch
  • Use gloves to touch items and surfaces that you have not cleaned and/or are foreign to you
  • Minimize contact with anyone outside your household
  • Wear masks and gloves for contact with anyone outside your household


  • Researchers predict that the COVID-19 impacts may come in waves and continue on for up to two years. Do as much financial and health planning as possible
  • Try negotiating permanent work-from-home arrangements with your employers
  • Start conserving and storing water. Once done with empty water bottles, run cold water for 3-5 minutes and then fill empty bottles. If you’ve got filters, even better. We are unsure what our water supply may look like in the near future (California, presently, has its water supply systems highly protected.)
  • Start a fitness challenge and keep moving





“May your swells forever be minimal at most.”


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Angioedema is an orphan’s disease with three distinct classifications?

– Idiopathic Angioedema…

comprises nearly 80% of all cases of angioedema, yet is less known than similarly, “new on deck,” conditions such as ‪#‎Fibromyalgia‬ and ‪#‎Lupus‬, is finally gaining interest in the medical and pharmaceutical communities and now is the time to get that major financial backing for research, education, and outreach going in the right direction for cause and cure!!!

The80Percent IAE_Logo_Tees.001

We have discussed this with professionals involved in this process and they have agreed with me, it is a numbers’ game. Higher numbers of our population equates to what’s in it for them which is why your likes and participation in our this funding campaign, our online discussions, films and events really all it takes to grow this effort at the pace we need–in place of time being lives we feel it’s important to give people with angioedema a chance to focus on time for living and we know you agree!

– Hereditary Angioedema…

comprises just under 20% of all forms of the condition, has a great organization with great philanthropy, and although still an orphan’s disease, has established itself, at the very least, as being a condition of note meaning, unlike #The80Percent, it is officially on the map!

– Bradykinin Mediated Angioedema…

(Say what, now?!), comprises about 2% of all cases, worldwide! Oh, and I know those two people. wink emoticon Not much is known about this most rarest form and, although sufferers mainly respond to medications as given to HAE patients, they do not receive nearly the same level of interest in research dollars and getting meds tailored specifically to the uniqueness of their disease. Again, the numbers.
Note: There are subclasses within each classification.

Please join us in getting some right attention around idiopathic and all forms of angioedema as well as the related conditions of #mastcellactivationdisorders, #anaphylaxis, #urticaria, and #Crohns.


#TheLifeWithoutAForkIdiopathicAngioedemaAdvocacyGroup | #MayYourSwellsForeverBeMinimalatMost | #VanessaWilliams | #KatyaWilliams | #ChillWill | #KellyHilaire


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Jumping Out of Buildings | #GoFundMe |

We Need Funding ASAP!!! Thanks!
Support This Important Film Project, Today!
Film You! Productions | Building The Blocks to Mental Health Awareness | Creating Awareness Through The Arts |
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Welcome to Life Without A Fork’s Official, “#OprahFindsMe!,” Movement for #IdiopathicAngioedema and Mental Health Awareness |


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Get The Word Out about Our Funding Initiatives, Global Advocacy Works And Film Projects by Helping Us Publicize Our Funding Campaigns and Getting Life Without A Fork on TV Today!


“Co-creators of the universe and futurists in their unique and respective visions, Vanessa Williams and Katya Williams are, “compelled to help grow the collective’s ability to self-develop mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, to completely transform as human beings, and initiate what’s new in the now!”

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To help keep our global outreach efforts free we ask that you donate to our ongoing campaign below and most sincerely hope that your swells will forever be minimal at worst.


Life Without A Fork Is A Not-for-Profit Corporation

As always, we appreciate your ongoing support.


~VANESSA Williams~ World Renowned Idiopathic Angioedema Global Advocate

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Life Without A Fork was founded by Vanessa Williams in 2009 initially as a documentary film project to bring awareness to the rare, potentially fatal condition from which she was diagnosed in 2006, idiopathic angioedema. Since then, her efforts have grown to her becoming, inarguably, the world’s leading advocate for Recurring Idiopathic Angioedema (RIA) and creating the Idiopathic Angioedema Global Advocacy GroupExecutive Producer of the feature length film which started this movement, Life Without A Fork also does ongoing research and outreach for Bradykinin Mediated Angioedema (BMA)Mast Cell Activation Disorders (MCAD)idiopathic anaphylaxis (IA)urticaria (hives), mental health diseases–“Dis-ease of the mind causes disease in the body,” her mom, Katie Tucker often told her–as well as other, seemingly overlapping conditions.

We hope you get the answers to your many questions about idiopathic angioedema–particularly those of which, ‘you do not know, you do not know’ as they are often the toughest to ask, yes? and gain the support of a global community of fellow-sufferers who understands the many extremities of your ongoing, ever challenging, and far too frequently changing circumstances.

May our outreach efforts, Idiopathic Angioedema Global Advocacy Group, feature length film, Life Without A Fork, documentary, {see trailer with the film’sstarsVanessa Williams and Leading Angioedema SpecialistDr. Marc Riedl of US HAEA Angioedema Center–UCSD}, and abundance of many other resources–yes, we’ve been doing this long time, help be your roadmaps in finding guidance as to why, how, and where to seek the best and most current in qualitative medical treatments the world over as well as help find the reassurances you may need in knowing that, although absolutely, ofttimes relentlessly, bizzaro and potentially fatal, with proper care, these conditions can be manageable and usually survivable.

Help get the word out! We need A-list celebrities and media attention around this cause and like, yesterday–Oprah, come find us! Tell everyone you know what, Life Without A Fork is doing to raise awareness around angioedema and save lives! Tell us who and what you know! Donate whatever you can! Let us know how you feel you may best assist!

The Life Without A Fork Team:

Top to bottom/left to right:

| Vanessa Williams | Founder | Leading Angioedema Global Advocate | Producer | Master of Arts | Educational Theory & Practice | Secondary English

| Katya Williams | President | Director |Producer | Actress | Professional Music Entertainer | The Russian Katya

| Chill Will | Director | Professional Music Entertainer | The Get Fresh Crew | Producer

| Kelly Hilaire | Director | Sports Marketing & Management | Producer

| Marcus Anderson | Director | Fine Arts Artist | Humanities

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Life Without A Fork’s Advocacy for Idiopathic Angioedema, “#The80Percent,” Is Making History in A Big, Big Way! Join Our Movement And B3come A Member Today!

Happy and most wishfully, #SwellFree days, guys!!


With 2018 seemingly nano-seconds away from our now, and our incomparable world’s future weirdly, and somehow unsurprisingly already looking gazillions of light-years ahead in exploratory and oft times beyond conceivable medical breakthroughs with space-medicine, we are super excited about our company’s visionaries’ abilities to be in the now with medicine, technology and media while still maintaining the bedside manner many of our fans, supporters and #SwellCommunity have come to know, appreciate and love! We are doing big things, going to far reaching places in health, advocacy and we want to offer many new great opportunities with you!


Life Without A Fork’s Advocacy for Idiopathic Angioedema, “#The80Percent,” Is Making History in A Big, Big Way! Join Our Movement And B3come A Member Today!


To b3come a member of The Life Without A Fork – Idiopathic Angioedema Global Advocacy Group and get exclusive access to “member only” content on our site, follow the link below and complete steps for registration! We are excited to have each and everyone of you as part of our important movement to raise awareness for survivors and fatalities of people and families with idiopathic angioedema, and all forms of angioedema, anaphylaxis, urticaria and mast cell activation disorders!


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“QOTW – “What about those of us with idiopathic angioedema? Can you do something for those of us who do not have HAE?”  |

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