Be Aware On How You Care! | Some Things You Can Do…

In our continued efforts to serve others, help as many people as possible survive the ongoing pandemic with novel Coronavirus, COVID19, and further assist those living with chronic conditions such as Idiopathic Angioedema and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, we are suggesting some things you can do to self care and help keep yourself and loved ones safe.

(Important note: Be sure to consult with your health professionals as well as check for allergies prior to implementing any of our suggestions).


◦ Immediately call all your doctors and request a minimum 3-month supply on all meds–we are not sure when doctor availability will cease to exist as it stands today

◦ Arrange for all prescriptions to be sent by mail–CVS has one of the best services for this and will ship for free

◦ Transfer newly received meds to old containers and toss the new containers

◦ For those taking biologics, you should ensure to get adequately equipped with injectors and all other necessary accessories

◦ Be sure to keep an epinephrine injector on hand

◦ Set up E-Visits with your physicians


◦ Enjoy getting to know your family and yourself

◦ Find activities-that you can enjoy, some that will keep you relaxed and some that will keep you moving

◦ Create an in-home gym

◦ Listen to classical music

◦ Download and play games on apps that you can do with family and friends and even remotely. Some great ones to try; 1) Heads Up!; 2) Words with Friends; 3) Connect Four; 4) Psych! and more 

◦ Learn New Languages! Best free app we know of is Duolingo


◦ Try meditating | Headspace App is a great tool for beginners | Vipassana Meditation is great for advanced

◦ Listen to the *Solfeggio frequencies* (Can research benefits and find *pure tones* on YouTube)

◦ FaceTime/video chat with family, friends and business associates

◦ Join groups that share your interests or concerns on social media. If you are shy or have difficulties with communicating with other people at times, you can just read the comments to help keep you connected to the outside world

◦ Tap into your artistic abilities! Start.a new art project, pen (or type) your novel, start a new fashion line, color outside the lines!

Social Distancing

◦ Stay inside!!! 

◦ Practice social distancing between family members, even if no one is sick

◦ Love your pets by giving them some space, less touch, no kisses

◦ Minimize, and if possible, completely avoid going to the market. Have as many food items that fits your diet and is shippable, shipped to your home

◦ If you live in an apartment building, avoid using central air or heating

◦ Separate your toothbrushes from other members in household and avoid sharing toothpaste

◦ Change/wash all air conditioning/purifying filters

◦ Order groceries, water and all other essentials that you can find, online

Fasting Intermittently

◦ Put your body in a state of ketosis and give your immune system a re-boot

◦ Conserve food and save or redirect your monies for other needs

◦ Minimize your swells and swell-times

◦ Give your body the extra energy it needs to maintain optimal health

◦ Help manage anxiety and depression and your overall mental health

◦ Lose the weight your body wants to naturally shed

◦ Download apps like Fitness Pal and track your food and health progress

“Concocting It Up!”

◦ Look through your pantries and cabinets for ingredients to help maintain and build your immune system

◦ Gargle daily with apple cider vinegar (be sure to brush to avoid sensitivities to your teeth)

◦ Take physician-approved vitamin supplements like C, D, B-12, magnesium, etc. (if aloe is a safe product for you, always take with supplements to help maximize absorption)

◦ Coconut everything! Water, oil, old— with solid white meat, young—with jelly

◦ Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

◦ Buy these things!!!! 1) Grapefruit Seed Extract; 2) Oregano Oil

Appreciating The, “Bitter,” Life

◦ Peel a fresh lemon and eat the whole thing

◦ Brush your teeth following any acidic foods for minimizing sensitivities to tooth enamel

Exercising Best Hygiene

◦ Wash hands (20+ seconds) before and after cooking, going to bathroom, touching face, blowing nose, etc.

◦ Watch what you touch

◦ Use gloves to touch items and surfaces that you have not cleaned and/or are foreign to you

◦ Minimize contact with anyone outside your household

◦ Wear masks and gloves for contact with anyone outside your household

Thinking Ahead

◦ Researchers predict that the COVID-19 impacts may come in waves and continue on for up to two years. Do as much financial and health planning as possible

◦ Try negotiating permanent work-from-home arrangements with your employers

◦ Start conserving and storing water. Once done with empty water bottles, run cold water for 3-5 minutes and then fill empty bottles. If you’ve got filters, even better. We are unsure what our water supply may look like in the near future (California, presently, has its water supply systems highly protected.)

◦ Start a fitness challenge and keep moving


Think and be healthy. Be safe. We love you!