Founder’s Note

“Life Without A Fork,” | Flying Without A Net | On God’s Wings.” ~Vanessa Williams

The Inexplicable Diagnosis

In 2006, I was diagnosed with the rare and potentially fatal condition known as Idiopathic Angioedema, a histamine mediated condition that causes swelling and similar symptoms that can be brought on by little to no reason. Angioedema’s Idiopathic form is different from other forms of Angioedema in that it is not known to be of either, a hereditary nor a bradykinin accumulation and any specific genetic tie-ins and causes are unknown.

A few years following my initial diagnosis, I began to put intentional efforts towards advocating for cause and cure for both myself and all others that have been diagnosed with this detrimental condition.

The Face of Adversity

For more than a decade, I have personally and with very little help, funded our advocacy efforts–in every spectrum, grown and withheld an international community base, spoken at health expos, in local schools, hospitals and more about this condition, as well as written, filmed, edited, and produced a documentary film known as, Life Without A Fork, telling the story of Angioedema, Anaphylaxis, Urticaria, Mast Cell Activation and Mental Health Disorders.

The Continuing Journey

Having started in 2009, advocating for this cause and producing a feature film has been a journey and then some!

I am an African-American woman, ill with the conditions, #IdiopathicAngioedema, #Urticaria, #MajorDepression, and #MastCellActivationSyndrome, so it remains extremely challenging for me to forge on with taking this project to the finish line. My small team and I have been offered help, countless times and sometimes, it really gets me down when the follow-through doesn’t actually come.

Oft times, it gets me to the point that I just want to say, with all the pleasantries I can muster, “no, thank you.”

The 80 Percent

Doors opening and closing as quickly as the turn-style types to be found in mid-town Manhattan’s office buildings, I persevere as I love seeing the amazing progress of this movement I’ve started so long ago.

In 2014, I coined the phrase, #The80Percent as a means of distinguishing our numbers and the need for right attention for the largest group of people living with this rare condition of Angioedema, the idiopathics.

The Groundbreaking Documentary

Successfully completed and premiered in 2016, the documentary film project, while certain to emotionally impact audiences around the globe with its rich, vivid, and most certainly, shocking images, along with its bigger than life storylines, also serves as advocacy to help save lives, yes, mine included, thank you very much! :), by getting some, ‘right attention,’ around angioedema and mast cell activation disorders.

Absolutely a project that is near and dear to my heart, I work hard to find cause and cure for this potentially life-threatening disease.

The 2020’s And Beyond

It is now officially the 2020’s and our efforts to raise awareness around Idiopathic Angioedema and save lives have reached global recognition. We are super grateful to all for your invaluable assistance with getting us here and for always letting us know how much further so many of you will help us continue to grow.

The Celebrity Love


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The Great Rewards

The rewards—they are immense! God has, not only been steadfast in his willingness to help me make, Life Without A Fork; The Movement, a great success, He continues to remind me that, as per the inspirational words shared by my mom, the late, Katie Tucker, “Every being is a golden link in the chain of my good.” And, although I may be flying without a net, it is through the endless source of support I receive from others, like you who are His angels and are amongst my family, friends, fellow-sufferers, fans, celebrity associates, and overall well-wishers, I fly forever on God’s wings.


With our non-profit organization, Life Without A Fork, now being formally established as a 501(c)(3) status, we more than encourage you to take this opportunity to assist by donating and sharing our efforts with your friends, family, churches, bloggers, the media and more.

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