Happy IAE Day Around The World From, Life Without A Fork!

Happy IAE Day from all of us at, Life Without A Fork!


What is Idiopathic Angioedema Day?

IAE Day was founded by The Life Without A Fork Advocacy Group, Inc. on 23 June 2014 to celebrate the lives of the largest number and least recognized sufferers of all cases of angioedema, idiopathic angioedema, also socio-medically designated as, #The80Percent.

An annual community event sponsored by, Life Without A Fork, Inc.,  we are acknowledging, celebrating and honoring those of us who are living with and dying from Idiopathic Angioedema! People with all forms of this condition as well as the overlapping conditions of mast-cell activation disorders, urticaria and anaphylaxis are absolutely welcome and encouraged to join in on the celebration.

Made with loving care each year, we have commemorated this event with our swell communities, families and supporters in the creation of our “Annual e-Quilt for Idiopathic Angioedema Day! 100 Voices! 100 Likes! 100 Shares!”

Our e-Quilts are just one of our unique ways of expressing our dedication to hope and the sharing of beautiful memories for years to come.

May this day forever be a reminder that survivors of this rare, life-threatening, condition deserve to be seen, heard, respected, and properly treated in their respective social, medical, and big pharma communities, that our fallen soldiers should be remembered for their struggle as well as the courageous efforts it took for them to keep going until being called, “Home” and, #MayYourSwellsForeverBeMinimalAMost. 

~ Your friends at The Life Without A Fork and Idiopathic Angioedema Global Advocacy Groups 

Vanessa Williams, Founder | Katya Williams, President

Order a copy of our memorable eQuilts, today!

23 June 2017

e-Quilt for IAE Day June 23 2017

Life Without A Fork Presents…The Fourth Annual eQuilt for IAE Day, 23 June 2017

23 June 2016


Life Without A Fork Presents…The Third Annual eQuilt for IAE Day, 23 June 2016

23 June 2015


Life Without A Fork Presents…The Second Annual eQuilt for IAE Day, 23 June 2015!

23 June 2014

e-Quilt June 23 2014 Final

Life Without A Fork Presents…The First Annual eQuilt for IAE Day, 23 June 2014

To help keep our global outreach efforts free we ask that you donate to our ongoing gofundme.com campaign below and most sincerely hope that your swells will forever be minimal at worst.


Life Without A Fork Is A Not-for-Profit Corporation

As always, we appreciate your ongoing support.

Disclaimer: Our page is a community service to our users. The information provided on this site is meant for informational purposes only. LifeWithoutAFork.com, Inc., The Idiopathic Angioedema Global Advocacy Group, and its employees and affiliates are not responsible for the accuracy of any information herein contained. You are encouraged to validate any information we provide with proper professional consultation.

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