Volunteer Medical Research

Volunteer to Participate in Life Without A Fork’s, “Sample Set 10 X 5,” Initiative!

The Goal

Life Without A Fork is pioneering, in earnest, much needed medical research towards causes and cures for idiopathic angioedema, one of the rarest forms of the orphan’s and potentially life threatening disease, angioedema, as well as it’s corresponding and equally debilitating condition of mast cell activation disease.

We are looking for ten families with a minimum of five confirmed cases of the above referenced disorders to volunteer for genetic research.

The Affected

Idiopathic angioedema compromises 80% of all people living with angioedema as well as millions of people worldwide—most who have not as yet been diagnosed and many who have never heard of the disease that is crippling their lives and is causation for great suffering.

The Research

In addition to the lack of interest from big pharma as it pertains to the somewhat low cost in medication-related-treatments, the research for these rare groups, histamine mediated idiopathic angioedema and mast cell activation disorders, have never been properly undertaken—this is also partially due to the extreme varieties of symptomatology—how uniquely the diseases present themselves amongst each individual person affected, as well as the largely unknown number of cases and other factors.

The Sample Set

Research volunteers must have at least five family members, of immediate to secondary relations, with confirmed angioedema and mast cell activation disorders.

The Criteria

Must have confirmed diagnosis • Must be willing to participate in genetic testing • Must be willing and able to travel to leading medical research facility in San Diego, CA.

The Gratitude

The Philanthropy

Donations encouraged and truly appreciated towards this ongoing initiative.


The Registration

Get involved. 👋 Don’t hesitate to reach out through our contact page to see if you qualify for this crucial and ongoing research study as well as for other ways to support!

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